PAYMENT METHOD currently offers a wide range of payment options to customers, all of which are convenient and easily arranged. The currently available payment options include PayPal and wire transfer to our bank account. You should be able to find a convenient payment option that suits you most.


1. PayPal


How to Use

After you sign up for a PayPal account, you will need to add a funding source for your payments. For immediate payments, you'll need to add a credit card. You may also use PayPal Buyer Credit if you have been approved. Then, click on the Send Money tab and enter the recipient's email address and the amount of your payment.


Account Varification

Being Verified means you have added and confirmed a bank account, or have been otherwise Verified by PayPal. And Verification increases the security of the PayPal network. As part of the Verification process, non-U.S. members must confirm an email address, add a credit card, and enter their Expanded Use Number or be otherwise Verified by PayPal. If you are not verified by PayPal network, we can ask you "Account Verification" for any reason.


Address Status

To qualify for PayPal's Seller Protection Program, payment must be received via PayPal and goods must be shipped to the buyer's Confirmed address. A Confirmed Address is one that has been checked against the credit card billing address maintained by his or her credit card company or verified by PayPal through an alternate method. This verification helps maintain the safety and security of the entire payment network. So please keep your address status on "Verified" when you place an order.



2. Wire Transfer to OCBC Bank

Singaporean and Malaysian can wire payment via OCBC bank account in SGD. MYR (RM) is not acceptable.


How to Place an Order and Make Payment

1. Purchase any items you want at and go to your cart.

2. Choose "bank wire" as your payment method and confirm your order.

3. Wire your payment amount within 3 days after checking out.

4. Scan or take a picture bank slip and email us with particulars as below.

5. Please note that we accept SGD cash only (no Malaysian RM, no checks).

6. Your order will be canceled automatically unless payment cleared within 3 business days.

7. Shipment will be processed within 3 business days after your payment is fully received.

8. US currency rate against SGD is 1.3. So multiply 1.3 by your total payment amount.

9. You do not have to pay transaction fee of $20 USD if you wire to OCBC directly.


Bank Account Information

Beneficiary: CHOI HONG SUK

Bank Name: OCBC Bank

Bank Account: 531-724128-001



3. Wire Transfer to Korea Exchange Bank

You can pay by direct wire transfer from your bank to our KEB bank account.


Bank Account Information

Beneficiary: CHOI HONG SUK




Bank Account: 650-006523-093


* Note: Sender should pay for transaction fee of $20.00 USD charged by local bank.

             So please add up $20.00 USD to your initial payment if you transfer to us.



4. Western Union Money Transfer

You can also pay us via Western Union Money Transfer which is real time money transfer service. Fine out local bank or agency in your area by clicking this link;



1. Choose "western union" as a payment option and proceed to check out.

2. Transfer payment within 3 business days so that we are able to confirm your order.

3. Email us 10 digit MTCN code, sender's full name and order No. for faster confirmation.


Beneficiary Information

Beneficiary: CHOI HONG SUK