Send Your Review & Unboxing Video


Send your review and unboxing video and get free gift voucher

$2.00 voucher credit will be provided to all the customers who send reviews or unboxing video links to We will select some outstanding videos and provide special gifts such as cosmetics and other beauty items.


1. Review Video


- It would be a recommendation as well as postscript for kbeautymart items after using.

- Reviewer should appear in the video clip and show the item in detail.

- It is better to include reviewer's own beauty tips.

- Email should be titled as [Kbeautymart Review Video].


2. Unboxing Video


- Common unboxing video.

- Unpack the shipment and show the items you purchased.

- Email should be titled as [Kbeautymart Unboxing Video]



- All rights of the videos which is submitted will be reserved by the customer and Kbeautymart as well.

- Selected videos will be shared at and kbeautymart facebook page.